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Daron Brooks

School Counselor
Shelia Davenport

Bailey-Joiner, Pamela
Binford, Jessica
Benson, Dr. Vickie
Jones, Yolanda
Kee, Charity
Maddox, Kimberely
Pattillo, Micheal
Pullen, Twyla
Romine, Jill
Shaw, Tawanda
Spatz, Robert

Wright, Kathy (Paraprofessional)
Dawson, Jerome (Custodian)
Magby, JoAnn (Secretary/Bookkeeper)
Strickland, Sandra (CNP)
Wright, Brenda (CNP Manager)

Principal's Corner

over 2 years ago

Dear Parents and Students:

The family of John P. Powell Middle School is looking forward with a great deal of anticipation and excitement to a new year at John P. Powell Middle School (JP).  We believe in the power of hard work, determination, and respect and we are excited about the wonderful opportunities the school year holds for all our students at JP.

JP's staff is prepared to provide all students the necessary tools to become positive, smart, mature young people who will make a difference by contributing greatly to our community.  At JP students will participate in higher-order thinking activities that will enable them to research, investigate, explore, analyze, and create new ideas.  By being engaged in a challenging curriculum, students will be equipped with the necessary skills to matriculate through middle school, be prepared to handle the rigorous high school curriculum, and eventually compete in an ever-changing global society.    

We welcome visitors to our classroom and always appreciate parent volunteers to assist us in our efforts.


Daron Brooks, Ed. S.

Principal of John P. Powell Middle School